Shawn Tamaribuchi

“Fighting has become my spiritual connection to the world. I grew up very religious and between that and soccer, these were the space I found community and connected with people. Fighting creates these visceral bounds between people, communal empathy and understanding. It’s my meditation that gets me out of my head and opens my heart.”

Shawn Tamaribuchi holds a BA in Photography / Digital Media from Scripps College, and has completed studies at the Glasgow School of Art. For the past six years she has worked in the commercial and performing arts worlds. Her primary interests reside in the realm of digital-media and experimental art, and her performances and visual work has been seen locally, nationally, and internationally. Just some of the projects Shawn has been involved with include: The 24hourshow art collective, the Visibility Project, twincest, and Readjust Economies of Desire. Shawn is occasionally invited to lecture at universities and festivals about the politics of representation through the lenses of feminist, gender, and racial theories.

“I am really interested in body fluids as methods of transmission, physical dialogs that take place between bodies. Each one carries meaning on a personal level as well as a means of archiving interactions of the body and its surroundings.”
-Interview with Aorta Magazine (formerly known as Art XX Magazine)

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