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I spent a semester of my undergrad at the Glasgow School of Art’s Photography Programme. Glasgow is a industrial town in Scotland, where most of the industry left in the mid 90’s leaving many of the working force at the time (men 18-50) unemployed. Shortly there after, there was a huge spike in the suicide and depression rates amongst this demographic. Despite this dreary atmosphere and perpetual poor weather, it has a vibrant music and art scene. Nights were filled with clubbing against the blurry lights and electro music. The intense economic shift that had occurred, placed a lot of women in the new seat as bread winner (See The Full Monty). I noticed commercials directly targeting women and the ever growing presences of hen parties (groups of women in there mid 30’s and up completely shit faced) at night. The Pound was strong and the booze was cheap. Weekends were spent drinking $3 3 liter bottles of hard cider, eating chips and curry and making art.

I was excited because it was the first time I got to work in a color darkroom and when I could fully focus on photography. I found this silk nighty at a thrift store and decide I would parade around town documenting myself. It was generally confusing for everyone since one they were continually perplexed by my gender and two who in their right mind walks around in a silk nighty in the middle of a Scottish winter? Someone who cuts their own hair and pierces their own lip in a bathroom that’s who. But this is where it began for me, my love for photography blossomed in the cold-ass, gray land of Scotland. I also randomly entered a beauty contest while I was there and won Ms. Androgynous UK 2001.

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