Art Fundraiser: Satchmo the Cat

(11/5/11) Updates: It saddens me deeply to let everyone know that Satchmo did not make it. After 4 long days in the ER, his blood cell count drop so low he needed a transfusion, which was not lifesaving, only giving him a few more days. His kidneys didn’t improve and still remained off the charts in terms of his creatin levels. The ulcers in his mouth were not healing either and he refused to eat. I spent last Tues evening at the ER, and at midnight I held him, as the doctor put him peacefully asleep. He will be missed. Rest in Peace Satchmo. Shortly after this occurred, I received a call from my black belt. She said she had rescued a kitten from a dangerous house hold. She works security in a very rough area. Three of the kittens in the litter of 5 had died from neglect because the mother was being starved. She said the unstable owner had threatened to kill them all. I told her I would foster the little guy, I also was fostering Satchmo initially. I found our on Monday that the guy had killed the mother and the other kitten. This disguised me beyond belief. I believe she is reporting this to the police, but I am at least glad we saved this little guy. So I just want to say thank you all of you out there how are able to take in a little one or two and provide some TLC.

(10/30/11) Updates: Satchmo’s health is improving, but the vet needs to keep him longer than expected, which means the medical bills are going to be a lot bigger than expected.

It has been a difficult year readjusting, coming back to the Bay, starting a new life alone on the West Coast and losing my home academy. I found a amazing companionship and support through the love of a wonderful adopted kitty named Satchmo. He drools, is loud and very lovable. On Friday morning, I had to take my beloved cat to the Emergency Room. He was diagnosed with acute kidney failure. These last few days have been incredibly difficult as I have been awaiting the results. Satchmo is still in the ER, his health is unstable and the tests are still out. The medical bills are piling up. I have received a lot of support and love from my friends and family, but I am also looking for help by accepting donations to the Save Satchmo Medical Fund.

I am eternally grateful to anyone who is able to give, no amount is too small. For those of you who can afford to give a little something, I would like to offer something in return:

-For a donation of $50, I will send you an 8.5″ x 8.5″ (or 8.5″ x 11″) digital print from the Female Fighter Project.
-For a donation of $100, I will send you a 13″ x 19″ digital print from the Female Fighter Project.
-For donations over $200, I can make you a custom made digital print up to 20″ x 30″ from the Female Fighter Project.

I will also have some older work and traditional B&W and color photographic prints available on inquiry. I will be getting stickers made so I can send those to donors as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and my bests to you and yours.

Love and Respect,


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