Bay Area Fighter: Elaina BEEF Maxwell

First off this is a big congratulations to Elaina for her signing with Blackeye Promotions which is really putting together a terrific effort in promoting WMMA. If you are in Fletcher, NC October 1st, go see Elaina who will be in attendance at the BlackEye 5 Breast Cancer Beatdown. Blackeye Promotions also signed Marloes Coenen, Jocelyn and Jillian Lybarger.

I have known Elaina for a number of years. We have trained numerous times together, I’ve seen her compete many times and she has even been in my corner when I was fighting. She’s a lifetime athlete, tired and true, who eats, breaths and sleeps fighting. In the Top 10 of the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings Featherweight Division, she also won the first American gold medal at the World Wushu (San Shou) Games in Macau, China in 2003, holding five titles and a San Shou record of 14-1 (2 KOs). Her MMA record is 6-4 and Elaina is definitely on the rise. I can say I have had the personal privilege of training with her (and getting put to sleep by her). Beef is a force to be reckoned with and during the zombie apocalypse or an MMA match, someone you want on your team. She also is one of the few people I know who can write in all CAPS, if you meet her you will understand.

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Love & Respect,

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