Bay Area Fighter: Goodbyes

It’s with a certain degree of sadness that I write this post, since Sarah has recently left her Oakland digs to return to her home in New Mexico and Colleen has living it up in Vegas. Mollii is fortunately still here in the Bay and a bad ass purple belt who will take your back in the blink of an eye! Yes, it would seem there are a few of my training buddies that have moved on, but the silver lining is now I have more excuses to travel and places to go!

Sarah is a four stripe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt with 4 professional MMA fights under her belt. She is a magnificent teacher and one of the most outstanding attributes about Sarah is her love for BJJ and teaching. As one of the founding members of the Sweaty Betties (along with Mollii who is currently running it), Sarah’s investment in the women’s BJJ community is quite evident. She is always down to roll, help you train for a fight or competition and you will often hear her coaching her teammates and students at tournaments. I gotta get out to New Mexico soon!

I don’t know why I take pictures of my friends eating. Maybe it’s because I like MMA and eating so I shoot both? Mollii is mean mugging in this picture like she is about to throw down. Colleen in fact just had thrown down and won via TKO in like 17 secs at Gladiator Challenge – Warpath 5/21/2011.

It does seem like there is a lot of moving happening these days, or perhaps a returning home. Colleen recently left to return to her old gym in the city that never sleeps, which if you have met Colleen, is a perfect match. I believe Colleen is actually solar powered and requires little sleep which totally explains her training schedule. She is a beast and I fondly remember the days of standup sparring at the ole FnF.

Despite all the moving around, it is pretty rad to know how tight knit the fight community is and awesome that we got such talented women out there reppin’ in cities across the states and beyond. The more people get to know and witness what these ladies can do, the more respect female fighters will get. It’s kinda like being a missionary but it’s chokes and elbows that are bringing the “good news”!

Love and Respect,
Shawn K Tamaribuchi

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