Bay Area Fighter: Malia Spanyol

I met Malia back in the day when I was training at Fight and Fitness. She came in and completely immersed herself in Muay Thai. Despite the fact she owns at least 2 businesses, Malia trains full time, twice a day now and has been fighting on the amateur circuit doing quite well for herself ( not to mention she can fully kick my ass in stand up). I recall one time getting her foot up my noise during a sparring session. There was a great crew of women there. Many of them have found new gym homes and continuing to train and fight. Malia is a member of the Skrap Pack now. She approaches fighting with the same dedication and focus she has with her businesses which are very successful. Running one of the most exciting and unruly punk/metal venues in the Dog Patch, where I have seen many a sight there, Malia’s throw down skills and calm demeanor keep things under control there as well as in the ring. Even though Malia got into the game later than most fighters, her technical level and dedication have moved her beyond most of her younger peers. With a lanky 5’7.5″ frame, she executes some wicked knees and has no problem keeping her opponents right where she wants them, at the end of a well placed kneecap. If you happen to be in Sacramento this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend NOVEMBER 25th, 26th & 27th, 2011, go check her out as she battles her way through the IKF West Coast Classic Muay Thai / Kickboxing Tournament.

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