Bay Area Fighter: Pam Tao

Pam Miyuki Tao Krav Maga Brown Belt

I met Pam Tao back in the day when I moved into San Francisco and began training at Krav Maga SF around 2004. We have developed a strong friendship over the years and Pam has been a big source of inspiration personally and athletically. When I was pro fighting in 2008, Pam helped me hone in my diet and continues to do so with her Paleo wisdom. She is an avid Cross Fitter, personal trainer, nutritionist and Krav Maga brown belt not to mention one of the most deadliest person I’ve met pound for pound at 5 feet tall. Hardcore. She likes to tell me that in 10+ years, I will be dealing with the issues as an athlete she is facing in attempts to explain training with longevity in mind. Currently on the road to recovery from knee surgery, Pam is just the type of bad-ass Senpai we all need in our lives.

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