Bay Area Fighters: Family

It’s pretty damn amazing to return home from a year of travel to rediscover how insanely prolific the world of women’s MMA is right in my home town. Being able to jump back into training with some of my favorite fighters and friends has been a saving grace to readjusting to this homecoming. I consider them my family, a source of strength and support. I am continuing my project by documenting the women I train with and I am incredibly lucky to train with some bad-ass ladies.

I started Muay Thai in 2004 and one of the first live fights I saw featured Jenna Castillo in San Jose. She was vicious, TKO’d her opponent who’s height and reach were bigger than Jenna’s. I truly admired her style. I had always seen Muay Thai as a sport for the tall and lean, like basketball, but Jenna has a compact and strong frame, which she uses with explosives and precise movements. I got to see her pro MMA debut at Strikeforce this Spring as she fought along side kickboxing legend and teammate Germaine de Randamie (49-0-0 Muay Thai). These are two fighters cut from the same cloth, both winning their fights with KO’s from knees. They are most certainly some of my favorite fighters to watch in terms of stand up, which could only be describe as brutally eloquent. Germaine will be facing MMA veteran Julia Budd June 24th at the Strikeforce Challengers 16 ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington.

Speaking up of coming fights, if you happen to be in the Fletcher, NC June 17th, go see the ladies of the Skrap Pack throw down. Coincidentally , I am writing this post as I wait for my negatives I shot at Mundials and Colleen Schneider’s last fight to dry (yes, I am hand processing this shiznit!) so keep your eyes peeled for more gallery posts to come.

With Love & Respect,

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