Birthday Print Sale!

Get your very own print of your favorite fighter!

The goal of the Female Fighter Project is to promote women in the combat sports and give more exposure to some of the athletes that dedicate their lives to the fighting arts. I have dropped the prices dramatically to making own a piece of the project more accessible. After working in the fine arts and commercial realms, I think it is more important that people have access to the work, than to have high price points. 100% of the expenses of doing this project (traveling, training, air fare, film, development, scanning, web hosting and production) I pay out of pocket.

I have decided to drastically knock down the prices on my prints ranging from $2 and up!

The reason behind this… I work in a fine art photo facility, hand process my film, scan and edit it and definitely view it as an art form. Working in a photo gallery, I was originally inspired to price it at a fine art, market value, but after really examining my goals behind the Female Fighter Project, I realize I want to make things affordable to the average person who is not necessarily an art collector. People who are fans, friends and family of female fighters. Plus it’s my birthday, and what better way to celebrate than provide art to the masses?

Please consider supporting this project with a print purchase or buying me a roll of film.

If you would like to purchase an image of a larger size than offered here, please contact me directly with the print size and title.

Love and Respect,
Shawn Tamaribuchi

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