BJJ Fighter: Veronica “Vr0d” LoCurto

Veronica is awesome. She is one of the halves of the most excellent, women’s MMA news source which is both informative and hilarious. I met Veronica back in the day when Lana Stefanac was co teaching a women’s fight class at Gym 445. We both started with Lana as white belts, training together for years. As a purple belt, she has a few championships in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has also fought professional MMA. When she is not training, she is helping out at WMMARoundUp keeping us all up to date on the latest news with the equally awesome Kristin. Veronica’s other interests are medieval weaponry and the guitar. A big thanks to one of my long term rolling partners who is as technical and strong as she is graceful. The badassery is at an eleven here people.

Photographer’s Note: Shot these quick at dust on expired 120mm film Kodak VC 160 with a Yashica D minimum aperture f/3.5. It doesn’t have infinite focal range and is limited in many ways, however works really well for tight, intimate portraiture and I am really enjoying the circular blur it gives objects passed the short depth of field. I usually shoot with the Hassleblad 500 cm but it is sometimes too damn heavy to lug around.

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