Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mama: Melissa Wyman

with husband, Dion.

Melissa is one of my first grappling training partners. We were mostly doing no gi together at Fight n Fitness under Darren Uyenoyama and she would always catch me with a knee riding, paper cutter. She was very patient with me and a great teacher. Melissa has been training for quite some time. Both her and her husband, Dion who is a diplomat, are BJJ purple belts. they actually met at their Jiu Jitsu club. I had the opportunity to visit them both in Santiago, Chile. There wasn’t a great deal of BJJ happening out their but Dion took me to a small little club and we both got to train a bit, however since Melissa was 6mo(?) pregnant she had to sit out. I am sure though her turtle would have been awesome. If two purple belts have a baby, is it also a purple belt? Things to ponder. Anyhow, the moment Dion and I walked in the door this dude puked rice and beans ALL OVER the place like a fricking garden sprinkler. It smelled sooooo bad and if you know me, you know vomit is one of my top phobias. Irregardless, both Dion and I got on the mat and had a great roll. This is how much I love you Jiu Jitsu, just so you know. The next few days Melissa and Dion showed me around town and I got to do some mini photo shoots with Melissa in her gi with her baby belly.

It was nice to shoot Melissa and reminded me a little of when she roped me into grappling with her for her Fight Therapy project she was doing while getting her Masters in Fine Arts from CCA in San Francisco. Melissa, Dion and their baby have returned to the states. She is still making art and teaching the little one some sweet moves.

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