CA Fighter: AJ Jenkins

Adrienna “AJ” Jenkins is a veteran fighter that you probably don’t know but should. She holds a record of 17-4 at 135 lb. Bantam weight and top to it off she ALWAYS finishes her wins by TKO or submissions! No boring fights here folks. As Strikeforce starts to build up it’s women’s 135 division, it’s absolutely necessary to dig beyond the grit, glitter, and media frenzies of now looking to some of the foundational fighters that developed women’s MMA. Thus, I present you with AJ Jenkins.

Aside from being a bad ass fighter with a very impressive record, AJ has a budding women’s team down in Temecula, CA (TEAM QUEST), phenomenally friendly person who is dedicated to building up the sport amongst woemn. So whatever your impression of an MMA fighters is, let this blog be a testament to the fact that most of them are very gentle spirits (unless you piss them off) and generally awesome people. Again, AJ is one of the fighters (and some of Team Quest), whom I have had the privilege of getting to train with.

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Love & Respect,
Shawn K. Tamaribuchi

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