Cat Jiu Jitsu: My First Video!

Tora does Cat Jiu Jitsu

Howdy folks, long time, no post! Just got back from Japan which I will write about shortly, but you can read about my previous trip here. Wow has there been some exciting in the female fighting community this year and we are only in April! First we now have women fighting in the UFC with an ever growing 135 lb division and now female coaches and fighters repping on The Ultimate Fighter. You saw Rousey do what she does best armbaring herself a UFC title against Liz Carmouche who fought an excellent fight, and then tonight Cat Zingano TKO’d Miesha Tate with some wicked knees in another epic battle. We also have our first out transgender female fighter, Fallon Fox, getting some major publicity. On top of it all I am in the final stretch of getting my prints ready for my solo show this summer . But it doesn’t stop… I was at the lab last week hand processing new pictures I took of female Capoeristas (my first so far) and am super excited to scan them and have them up soon.

If all this wasn’t enough, I am now trying my novice hand at video editing. May I present you my first grappling video “CAT JIU JITSU: 101” featuring my cat Tora. I started teaching Tora how to grapple when I first got him at 6 weeks (he was a rescue). He’s a sweet little love bug who loves to grapple and I will definitely be making more of these silly videos. However, this sometimes makes finding cat sitters difficult, if they aren’t into BJJ.

Cat Jiu Jitsu: 101 from Shawn Tamaribuchi on Vimeo.

Photographer’s Note: The featured photo is a composite of a photo I show of Tora and one I shot of Invicta fighter Sarah D’Alelio. Both were shot on 120mm color film with 6×6 cameras.

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