SOLO EXHIBITION: Interview & Thank You!

Show ends July 28th, 2013… go see it while you can at Photobooth SF.

For those of you that couldn’t make it out to San Francisco last weekend to catch the opening reception of my first ever solo show, the amazingly talented women at caught it all on video. The turnout was more than I could have asked for considering that it was a holiday weekend and most people were out of town. The gallery was packed with some of my favorite people, training partners, friends and family and I was exhausted with joy by the end of the evening. Event photography provided none other than my own dad, check it out at the bottom!

Didn’t get a chance to contribute to the show, but would like to?

You still can:


I want to give a huge shout out to all the contributors that gave toward my Indiegogo campaign.

Here’s to my White Belts:
Sway Photography
James Dale
Erena Shimoda, who by the way is an awesome, underwater photographer who works with cancer survivors!
Melissa Wyman, AKA the Fight Therapist.
Christie Sullivan
Eric Knight
Tiffany Tamaribuchi & Sacramento Taiko Don
Dee Dennis
T. Kreek
National Pay Day
Steve Walsh
Leah Van Tassel
Noah David Bau
Miquel Jacobs

and my Blue Belts:
Cynthia Vance, phenomenal video artists and fighter!
Jeremy Dang
Diane Cousineau
Audacia Ray
Tara Tamaribuchi
Chikara Magazine
Candace Stump
Denise Henry
Amanda Gary
Tim & Naomi
Beautiful Brawlers
The Specific Chiropractic Center
Women’s MMA Roundup
e3 Fitness Grips

Last but not least, my Purple Belts:
Mr. Cuddles, my personal grappling dummy
Jiz Lee
Simon Modery
Dana Hoey
Nancy Maynard

You all are fabulous people! Speaking of fabulous people, check out all these lookers who made it out to the show…

[nggallery id=23]

Also want to add an extra thanks to my fight banner sponsors:
Tara Tamaribuchi
Chikara Magazine
Beautiful Brawlers
The Specific Chiropractic Center
Women’s MMA Roundup
e3 Fitness Grips

Also special thanks to my bartenders Pati Gracia and Chris White, My mom hope helped me shlep all the art across town, my dad who did last minute drink and snack runs and my girlfriend for flying all the way out from Tokyo last minute to be there with me. Of course it couldn’t be possible either with out all the hard work from Vince and Clare at Photobooth SF.

Press: Japan Camera Hunters’ “What’s in Your Bag?”

In your bag 306, Shawn Tamaribuchi
Shawn is a regular visitor to the site and an ex-pro fighter, so I had better be nice…Shawn’s bag is not just filled with cameras, but her training gear too. Check it out.
“Hey everyone!Was testing out a Nikon F3 with some hand rolled 35mm Tri-X and thought I would get a picture of the bag and gear I haul around. My name is Shawn Tamaribuchi. I am 31 years old and spend my time between Tokyo and San Francisco.”

Read more at!

Press: Vincit Magazine Interview

Pick up your copy of Vincit Magazine and check out page 10 for Carey Rockland’s interview with Shawn Tamaribuchi, founder of the Female Fighter Project.

“Shawn Tamaribuchi’s reputation precedes her. I had heard of her one-of-a-kind Female Fighter Project well before meeting her on the mat at a Bay Area Women’s Only Training Camp with Leticia Ribeiro, hosted by The Sweaty Betties back in 2011. The Female Fighter Project is an important project providing exposure and recognition for female fighters on an international level. Since meeting her in 2011, Shawn has become a training partner and a friend. It was a privilege to finally sit down with her to discuss her work…”

Read more here.

Press: Akimma Interview

Photo credit: Belinda Dunne / Princesses of Pain

“I have had not only the privilege of photographing some of the greatest female fighters in the world, but have often gotten to train with them. I started this project in Rio de Janeiro at Kyra Gracie’s first Women’s Camp. I stayed a few months in Rio, training at different academies and watching tournaments. I absolutely love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so being able to snap a few rough shots at the Abu Dhabi Pro Trails was a real treat and got me more invested in shooting other female athletes. I spent the next few months in Tokyo, Japan training at Abe Ani Combat Club with Megumi Fujii’s all-star women’s fight team and make an effort to visit them every year. The girls there called me a camera nerd, which I take pride in and is totally true. I work in a photo gallery and facilities and get to play with film cameras every week. I love it!”

Read more.

Press: Women On the Mat Interview

The Female Fighter Project

I met Shawn Tamaribuchi while training Krav Maga in San Francisco. That was well over five years ago. We recently ran into each other again on the mat at Stephan Goyne’s amazing new training academy, Bay Jiu Jitsu. Shawn hadn’t changed a bit. She was sporting a rather beat up old purple belt, probably soon to be brown. She was her light hearted and humble self. I asked her what she had been doing and she told me about her recent project “the female fighter project.” Turns out Shawn had been travelling all over the world doing what she loves, photographing and fighting and making friends. The female figther project is an amazing body of work featuring women in the fight game from around the globe. Check out her photo of Sayaka Shioda and Tamada Yasuko and the gallery moments from the mundials. You can reach Shawn through Be sure to check out all of her images. Shawn trains jiu jitsu at Bay jiu jitsu in San Francisco…

Read more.