Faixa Pretas: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts on Exhibition



So now I am home for the week and getting ready for yet another trip to Tokyo. However I need to finish up my printing for my big show this July in the next week. I just have one more large piece to go and I am done!. The Faixa Pretas, or black belts, will be about 6 feet long framed collection of images of the black belts I have shot over the years.

I am trying to raise some money to cover the printing costs of the show. Actually started to keep track of expenses and am now understand why my parents wanted me to be a doctor and not an artist, ha.

UPDATE: I have gotten it together and started a IndieGoGo Campaign to help pay the basic material costs of the show. Some of the eligible rewards are “proof” prints of the Faixa Pretas.

Speaking of Faixa Pretas, check out this interview Vanessa Oliveira did about how she got into BJJ! I met Vanessa in Rio while training wit GF Team. Took her photo as well as a few other members of GF Team will be a part of the Faixa Preta series.


Summer greetings and well wishes as many of you hit your month long training camp for Mundials! I had the supreme pleasure of dropping in at some LA academies and training last week, however had to miss out on the Leticia Ribeiro LA Women’s BJJ Camp. I did get to go to Cobrinha’s school (Alliance) which has a very accomplished and sizable women’s team. I went during the daytime and was pleasantly surprised to see so many people training. I here nights are off the hook. The facilities are very posh and pristine. The students were attentive and respectful. Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles himself taught and it was like walking into the Tate, that’s how fine at it was! Heavy technique based and details, perfect for Jiu Jitsu nerds like me. I then headed East to La Habra and took a few classes at Lucas Leite’s academy (Checkmate). He comes up north a lot and does seminars at my school so it was great to train at his place. His partner Pati invited me to work with her and some other of their competition team women. I even got to participate in some of the advance comp training, only browns and blacks, which was phenomenal. It’s got a total old school vibe, which I loved! No frills just mats and serious training. You won’t find any Zumba here. Both I recommend checking out for sure. Cobrinha’s is more on the commercial side and centrally located with loads of students. Leite’s is eastward and feels like you’re training in Brasil.

The moral of the week was if I am going to pack 2 gis, I might as well pack at least two cameras. I am sad to say I didn’t get any photos of the amazing women I trained with but will hopefully be back down to shoot them in the future. Big thanks to Pati and Stephanie for inviting me to train!

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