Fist Full of Film

So I thought I’d start being a responsible artist and document how much it actually costs to shoot photography via film. I will be updating this as I go along just to keep track of it all and to give the average person an in depth cost analysis of the photographic arts. I was told when I first start back in college, that photography was perhaps the most expensive art form one could practice. We’ll let’s see if that’s true…

5 rolls of Tri-X, 5 rolls of Tmax, 4 rolls of Tri-X Plus, 18 rolls of Kodak Portra

Kodak Tri-X 120 B&W = $5 per roll (12 Exposures)
Kodak Tmax 120 B&W = $5 per roll (12 Exposures)
Portra 160 VC Color 120 = $6 per roll (12 Exposures)

C-41 color 120 = $3 per roll (only negatives, no prints + shipping)
B&W 120 = $7.50 per roll (only negatives, no prints + shipping)
I save money by hand processing my own B&W but there’s more of a chance for error. Film processing rentals run $5/first roll, $2.50/additional roll

Imacon Scanner Rental = $47/hr

Hasselblad used complete = $800

Kallitype class = $300

I won’t even get into the cost of travel since that is a whole another issue, but let’s just say a year of international travel is not cheap either. For those of you that train MMA or other martial arts forms, you know that specialized training gets pricey too. Most MMA fighters belong to at least 2 gyms and also have a strength and conditioning coach. You’re looking at least $300/month for MMA training, drop on a very high protein specialized diet/supplements to boot, on top of your standard costs of living, most are lucky if they break out even. Actually I am pretty sure that fighting is the most expensive art form.

(BTW I am heading down to Mundials to shoot some more with my driving/grappling buddy and correspondent for WMMA Roundup. So check them out!)

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