Leticia Ribeiro Women’s Grappling Camp 2012 San Francisco

Quite possibily the largest women’s Bjj event on the west coast, Leticia Ribeiro’s annual women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camp did not disappoint. Three jam packed days of phenomenal instruction along with tight knit community vibe make this one of my Bjj highlights of the year.

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I attended Saturday which was 8 hours of gi techniques and my brain was swimming after the first 40min. Leticia teaches with pure grace and is the absolute epitome of arte suave, poetry in motion. Combine this with the atmosphere of comrodry she fosters, it’s no mystery why women from across the US converge for this special event.

What made this year particularly stand out was the high attendance of youth, who not only represent the future of Bjj but are making quiet an impact now! Young BJJ all star Alyssa Mia Wilson was in attendance and her family had driven up from LA just for the day.

It was an excellent weekend of catching up with old friends as well as making new ones. The Sweaty Betties continue to out do themselves not only bringing in great instructors, but also sponsors who provided fantastic goodies and prizes. Not to be missed is the post training dinner and if you have the energy for it, clubbing.

Keep you calendars free for next years camp, usually sometime between mid November to December.

See you next year!

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