“Old Broad Fight Crue” Gear, Tshirts + Totes

The design was inspired by Hachiko, who is the senior kitty stray that has adopted me this summer. She’s sweet and feisty, lovable but takes no sh*t. While I will be paying off some of her dental bills to support this old lady’s teeth, I am hoping to also be able to shoot more film portraits this summer so grab a go-bag and show the Female Fighter Project some love!

Limited Edition TOTES!

All tote orders through here will also get a fighter postcard!

Domestic orders only please- US

Got extra cash burning a hole in your pocket?

  • For $50 get a tote and your pet’s very own logo design
  • For $100 get a tote, tshirt and your pet’s logo

( For these: Venmo/Paypal liarphoto@yahoo.com )



You can also run over here and pick yourself up a tshirt!


Each sale covers the cost of purchasing and processing approximately 1 roll of black and white film!

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