Mai Iichi Tokyo, Japan 2010

Ice Ribbon

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Hard worker is an absolute understatement. Mai Iichi goes to every class at AACC, has a day job and also pro wrestled for 5 years for Ice Ribbon. Mai Iichi would train every night even after multiple wrestling practices matches. I got to see one of her matches and it was highly entertaining not to mention super energetic. Energy is the thing that defines her fight style. Fast and relentless, spinning and kicking with a little bit of the unexpected. She caught me with an elbow as I walked into her spinning back fist during one sparring session. From what I have heard, Mai has retired from wrestling and devoting her training time strictly to MMA, which frankly I think is safer after watching on of the wrestling shows.

Here are her stats according to Puroresu Representin’

Stats & info:
Age: 30
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 121 pounds/55 kg
Experience: 5 years (as wrestler)
Finishing move: Kicks
Current affiliation: Ice Ribbon (wrestling), Ito Dojo (MMA –I’m pretty sure she’s affiliate with AACC too?)

Titles won:
1-time International Ribbon Tag Team Champion

MMA record (as of December 2010): 4-5

Official website (Japanese):

Looking forward to training with her and all the AACC girls soon when I return to Japan next week!

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