Make It Happen: Solo Exhibition July 6th

Hey Everyone!

I am super excited because I have recently been given my very first solo show as an artist! It’s scheduled for July 6th, 7-9pm at Photobooth SF located in San Francisco’s Mission District, but I need your help. I’m looking to raise money to help offset the costs of this show and am hoping to cover the basic material costs of printing and framing the pieces.This is only a fraction of the amount it costs to do the Female Fighter Project on a regular basis, however all help is deeply appreciated and needed. You can read more about my SOLO EXHIBITION on my indiegogo page, plus I’ve got some pretty FFP cool stuff to give to donors!

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Make It Happen: Female Fighter Project Solo Art Show July 6th from Shawn Tamaribuchi on Vimeo.

You can also make a small paypal donation in any amount here:

Thank you so very much! I belong to an amazing and generous community of fighters and artists who continue to inspire me. This summer is really spectacular: I just started teaching two women’s beginning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Programs, I start my at risk Oakland girls self defense program in two weeks, and my show is coming up!

Also please check out Photobooth SF, the perfect place for analog photo nerds, artists and anyone looking to get a one of a kind tintype portrait made or take some unique photo classes!

Hugs with underhooks,

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