MMA Fighter: Erin Toughill

Just 6 years after the UCF was founded, Erin Toughill made her MMA debut in 1999. Toughill is an MMA veteran with a record of 10-3-1 and a boxing record of 8-2-1. Toughill began boxing at the age of 18 and started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu soon after. She currently holds the rank of brown belt. Some of her notable opponents have included Jan Finney, Megumi Yabushita, Marloes Coenen, Jen Case and Laila Ali (boxing). As we all tune into Invicta 2 and Strikeforce in the next couple of weeks and watch WMMA take the spotlight with some terrific action, let us not forget those pioneers who paved the way for the sport. They not only had to battle their way through the intense training and dedication it takes to be a professional athlete, they had to deal with a great deal more of sexism and general ignorance regarding the sport of MMA. We salute you!

Photographer’s notes: Finally getting the hang of this Hassleblad, swapped out the focusing screen with a half prism, changed from viewing prism to waist level finder, shooting out doors for better lighting and depth of field. This was a good day! I got to shoot both Erin and Alexis in one sitting and am super please with the results. After over 2 years I am finally getting a hang of this big ole camera. Kodak Tmax, hand processed, scanned on Imacon.

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