Modern Combatives MMA’s Lily Pagle

When I returned from my travels in 2011, I came back to discover that my home gym, Trinity Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was no more. I spent a great deal of time training around the Bay Area and when I asked Lana where I should go, she told me to “go see Lily”. Lily Pagle runs Modern Combatives in Berkeley with her husband Alan. Both hold 2nd degree black belts in Judo and Lily is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She is a petite woman with a very formal style of instruction I took to immediately. If you are in the Berkeley area and looking for a program that integrates traditional Judo takedowns with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu groundwork, Mod Com is a great place to check out. Lily also has a clothing company called CatFight Gear that makes some pretty rad fight clothes. Here’s a little more info on Lily from the Mod Com website:

Lily has been a “tomboy” all her life. Growing up, she enjoyed various sports including skiing, windsurfing & scuba diving. As an adult, Lily has dabbled in various martial arts. However she has been dedicatedly involved with Judo since 1991 and has competed at the national level. Altogether, Lily has been teaching martial arts, self-defense and personal safety classes to all ages since 1995. She started doing Mixed Martial Arts in 1999 and soon began training with SBGI. By 2002, she had formed ModCom MMA with Alan and Jude.
Using her expertise as a counselor, Lily has helped many children and adolescents with their self-esteem, behavioral problems and anger management through martial arts. Together with Alan, she has taught Judo and self-defense classes in the Police Athletic League for many years.
Lily also has been working as a Sports Psychology Consultant and has worked with college athletes and amateur competitors in the past 8 years. In recent years, Lily has been helping coaches of various sports through coaching workshops and seminars. Currently, Lily has been the ModCom Competition Team Captain since 2009 and helped competitors such as 2010 World Jiu Jitsu Champion, Ahmed White, achieve their goals both physically and mentally.-


Black Belt in BJJ by SBGi president Matt Thornton* (Machado)
2nd Degree Black Belt in Judo by Dr. David Matsumoto (Development Chairman for the United States Judo Federation)
Certified Sports Psychology Consultant
Certified Personal Safety Instructor
Certified Pistol Shooting Instructor
Certified Violence Prevention Program Instructor
Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (Child & Adolescent Counseling / Cross Cultural Counseling)

A big thank you to Lily for taking the time to model for me and also all the training.


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