Moments from Mundials 2011: Feminina Faixa Preta

1,000 words x three.

These were some of personal standout moments from the Women’s Black Belt Absolute at this years Mundials. It’s rare and wonderful to watch your teachers and heroes competing against each other. I snapped a few pictures on my SLR as Sayaka Shioda and Lana Stefanac stepped on the mat to face each other. I would caption Sayaka’s photo with “Okii desu ne?!” which is what I think she was saying when I shot it. The image of Penny Thomas and Beatriz Mesquita was taken during the semi-finals as Beatriz faced Lana. In a choke set-up, Lana tore Beatriz gi. There was a brief stoppage as Gracie Humaita teammate Penny Thomas lent her gi top to replace the torn one. Beatriz won the match with an excellent spider guard / lasso sweep (correct me if I am wrong), moving on to the finals where she lost to Gabi Gracia.

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