Monsters of AACC & Adventures in Polaroids

Just a couple of shots from by New Year’s trip out to Tokyo. Picked up a vintage Polaroid back for the Hassleblad, but unfortunately it kept jamming up. As a result, I had to open it up quite a few times which lead to image lose and fogging. After ruining a entire package and fogging the second one I finally got a few shots off. I gave most of the images to the fighters, but kept the reversals from the peel away sheet. Here are a few shots from AACC that I scanned and reversed in Photoshop. Despite all the head ache from the jamming back, I really love these shots!

For those of you who don’t know, AACC is the home of some of the most elite female fighters in Japan. Hiroyuki Abe is the head trainer and veteran MMA fighter. Outside the ring, the fighters of AACC are some of the nicest and courteous people you will ever meet. However inside the ring they are complete beasts! Hitomi Akano who’s fight name is “Girlfight Monster”, will be fighting Sara McMann on the ProElite card in Honolulu 1/21. Rina Tomita is another AACC 114lb. fighter with a 4-6-0 professional record. I like that the happy accident with these Polariods created this weird solarized effect, bringing a monstrous quality to otherwise mild mannered portraits.

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