Nimslo 3D: Tokyo and Beyond

I am experimenting with a new (old) camera my dad gave me. Nimslo 3D that has four lenses and takes 4 shoots are different angles at the same time which can be used in to create Lensticular prints or rather “3D” prints that give depth and movement to the image. I had planned to meet up with the AACC girls as well as catch some shots at Amanda Luca’s Japanese debut when I was in Tokyo in August but my hip injury prevented me from getting out (+ my normal camera I use is ridiculously heavy). Instead, I limped around with the little plastic camera and shot random pictures here and there.

I am actually quite please with this little toy camera and hope to crank out a piece of work in time for the Juried International Plastic Camera Show despite that it takes about 8 weeks to get lensticular prints made. These are digital examples of the work, which I assume look a lot different in print form. They kind of give me a headache (seizures?), but I get the same effect from watching anime.

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