Norwegian MMA Fighter Celine Haga

I first saw Celine fight at Jewels 9th Ring in Tokyo, 2010. She originally hails from Norway where MMA is technically illegal, but has an extensive, professional fight career in Japan. She has been traveling and training the world this year and I finally got the chance to roll a little bit with her. Don’t be fooled by her modest size, she is massively strong and has excellent ground skills with a highly developed butterfly guard. I was shocked when she told me she has just been grappling for a few years. She takes to it like a fish to water. With 12 fights under her belt as a professional MMA fighter, I look forward to watching her career continue to grown along with the technical ground game she has developed. She trains under veteran MMA fighter Joachim Hansen with Team Hellboy, who are on the forefront of Norwegian MMA blazing a trial for their fellow country men and women.

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