Press: Women On the Mat Interview

The Female Fighter Project

I met Shawn Tamaribuchi while training Krav Maga in San Francisco. That was well over five years ago. We recently ran into each other again on the mat at Stephan Goyne’s amazing new training academy, Bay Jiu Jitsu. Shawn hadn’t changed a bit. She was sporting a rather beat up old purple belt, probably soon to be brown. She was her light hearted and humble self. I asked her what she had been doing and she told me about her recent project “the female fighter project.” Turns out Shawn had been travelling all over the world doing what she loves, photographing and fighting and making friends. The female figther project is an amazing body of work featuring women in the fight game from around the globe. Check out her photo of Sayaka Shioda and Tamada Yasuko and the gallery moments from the mundials. You can reach Shawn through Be sure to check out all of her images. Shawn trains jiu jitsu at Bay jiu jitsu in San Francisco…

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