“Scripting Intimacies” — Collaboration with RAWdance 2005

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(I have limited edition c-prints of many of these images approximately 20″x24″ for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing them.)

I am posting some older work that I came across from when I first moved up to the Bay Area. I started to do collaborations with other local artist. Not too far of a stretch from my current Female Fighter Project, which documents fighters, some of the earlier Bay Area photographic work I did was in the dance community. RAWdance is a shining example of some of the strength and athleticism that can be found within the world of the arts (not to mention a good dose of beauty and sensuality too). They are a prolific group and have been performing locally as well as internationally for the last 7 years. Here’s a little bit about what they do:

RAWdance aims to perform works which expose an intimate, honest core, the essence of our relationships and identities. Committed to driven, visceral movement, the company explores the power and vulnerability of the human body. RAWdance, envisioned by co-founders Ryan T. Smith and Wendy Rein, strives to craft pieces balancing dance with theatrical elements and athletic movement with intellectual themes.


The images displayed above were a part of the 2005 “Scripting Intimacies” show, a co-production of the CSC which was developed in part through an AIRspace residency at Jon Sims Center for the Arts (now defunct).

Drawing on the history of sexology, Scripting Intimacies explores how definitions imposed on our physical and sexual identities impact our self-perception and our intimate relationships. Throughout history, the human body has been scienced, looked at through a medical lens to derive narratives of our sexual histories and to create maps of our sexuality. Through a mixture of dynamic movement and intricate partnering, RAWdance examines our struggle to defy science in order to define our own gender and sexuality. Blending dance and theatrical elements, Scripting Intimacies creates a captivating and eerie world.

Shoot on 120mm film (I think with a old Yashica D twin lens, which I still have but the focal ranged is jacked) and then I hand c-printed them at RayKo Photo Center. I really enjoyed working with RAWdance and the following year they asked me to be a video collaborator on “Per-Verses: an investigation of porn, art, erotica, and our intimate relationships” at Belcher Street Studios. If I can find this video in my dusty archives I will post it.

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